Nicaragua, a tropical paradise to learn Spanish and travel!

If you do not know much about Nicaragua and has never heard about this developing country, you should know that this is a country where it is still cheap to travel to; this tropical country is an ideal destination for retirees.

The population of Nicaragua is about six million inhabitants; it is located between Honduras and Costa Rica. Nicaragua has the privilege of having the more extended beaches on the Pacific Ocean coast, and has access to the Caribbean Sea. Nicaragua is a beautiful country with a great biodiversity, most of the land still natural and unspoiled. Nicaragua offers fascinating varied landscapes that include volcanoes, peninsulas, islands, large beautiful beaches and estuaries in the North West; green and cool mountains, and unique rural towns and villages in the north; warm weather in the central lowlands; fresh water and crater lakes in the central region; sandy gorgeous beaches along the south Pacific Ocean; lagoons and long rivers in the lowlands of the Atlantic Coast; lovely islands on the Caribbean.

The beauty of the Nicaraguan keys and the Corn Islands on the Caribbean Sea has attracted hundreds of visitors from many other countries. But it is not only the beauty of the Nicaraguan islands on the Caribbean and the awesome sandy beaches on the Pacific Ocean, which makes Nicaragua a great destination for visitors of all age from all over the world! What makes people also to come to Nicaragua and enjoy it, is the nice Nicaraguan people who are friendly and eager to show their country and take care of the visitors.

This small Central American country is the most hidden secret destination for travelling, relaxing, learning Spanish, having fun and more! Try it and you will have a great experience at an affordable cost. Nicaragua is the safest and the most affordable country in the Central American isthmus.

If you have ever been to Guatemala and Costa Rica for travelling and have taken some Spanish lessons in these beautiful Central American countries, it is time to visit the heart of Central America: Nicaragua, the land of the lakes and volcanoes! Nicaragua is a country of peace; the Nicaraguans are very hard-working people. And there are excellent Nicaraguan Spanish language schools spread along the Pacific region.

In Nicaragua you will have the opportunity to meet painters, musicians, poets, writers! You will also meet humble hard-working women in the open markets! You can travel in the public buses; you can eat fresh fruit in the markets! You can experience life! The Nicaraguan culture! You will realize that you are visiting a safe and a hospitable country in Central America, a great destination for Spanish immersion courses! Start packing now, make your reservation and come to learn Spanish in Nicaragua! Great adventures! Hit the road!

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