Spanish Language School in León, Nicaragua

León colonial city: León is the second Nicaraguan colonial city. Its architecture is characterized by its parks and neoclassical churches. It is situated in the North West of the country near beautiful sunny and sandy beaches and majestic volcanoes. This nice city is a safe place to relax, to walk in the pedestrian streets around the Central Park. This is a place to meet friendly people and to admire the colorful colonial houses. León offers great opportunities to learn Spanish. The former León city was founded by the Spanish conquers in 1524 at about 50 kilometers away from where León is located at present. The León Viejo, as people call the former León, was built on the west shores of Lago Xolotlán. The ruins of Old León is an archeological site declared by the UNESCO. In the downtown of this vibrant city there are some internet cafes, nice restaurants, handicraft stores, open markets, banks, ATM´s machines, stores, hostals, supermarkets, bed and breakfast, hotels, museums and cafes. Enjoy iced coffee and smoothies in a nice cafe place while you relax, review your Spanish day lesson and do your homework after your morning class. Near the central plaza there are interesting colorful murals that tell about the Nicaraguan history. Wi-Fi is available in all the cafes, restaurants and hotels. The Cathedral of León, built between 1706 and 1740, is the larger cathedral in Latin America. Rubén Darío, the famous Nicaraguan poet is buried in this cathedral which was declared by UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2011. The Central Park is in front of the cathedral and people meet there to talk, while sitting on the benches. The “gigantonas” is how people call the “giant dolls”, and they are part of the folklore in this colonial city. León is also a university city where many Nicaraguan students from other cities come to study. In León you will find culture, poetry, friendly people, and lot of things to do in the arounds. This is definitely a great place for learning Spanish in Nicaragua!

The school in León: The León Spanish language school site is situated at just a couple of blocks from the central plaza in downtown. The students who choose to study in this location will receive lessons under the concept of a full immersion course. The Spanish instructors of the Spanish school in León are nice, friendly and experienced. Some of them speak some English and will use it in class just in case is needed or requested by students for clarifying a grammar topic. Internet access is available through the school. The Director of the Spanish school in León, David Flores, was one of the founders of the first Spanish school in León so he is very experienced, capable and well organized; well-focused on what the students expect from a full immersion program. Despite that the school does not provide cultural activities and afternoon excursions, the local Director is available for making the connection with tour providers in town.

The Spanish class: Most of the classes are one-to-one. The Spanish instruction includes grammar, vocabulary, and conversation. The teachers use varied class materials for the lessons such as visual aids, short story books, and vocabulary colorful cards. The Spanish lessons are Monday to Friday mornings with short coffee breaks. Daily homework is part of the daily routine at the school. Extra afternoon or weekend tutoring, if requested in advance, is available at additional cost for more intensive learning while at the school. The school is open the whole year and the Spanish courses start any Monday but any student can start any day depending on the availability of time. Students are given class materials.

The lodging options: This school, as most of the Nicaraguan schools, provides lodging with host families. This is an important aspect of the immersion program since students are exposed to the language in real context situations. The host family provides all the meals Monday to Saturday, purified water; a clean private room, a clean bed, bed clothes, a fan, and the washing machine available for the students to do laundry by themselves. The host families have been carefully selected by the school local Director to offer the students a real home, with friendly and hospitable family members. The students are more than welcome to stay in the homes of these nice host families in León.

Hotels and Hostals in León: Léon has a lot of optional places to stay such as nice and affordable hotels and lots of hostals. This is an option for those students who prefer more privacy and not to be exposed to the Spanish language as intensive as it is when living with a host family. In this colonial city, there are three-star hotels and lots of hostels, small affordable hotels, and Bed & Breakfast. Wi-Fi is available in most of these lodging locations. The school Director would help the students who choose this option, make the connection if requested.

Things to do in León: Despite of being situated in the hottest area of Nicaragua, León offers interesting things to do in the city such as sightseeing the colorful historic murals; visits to old houses linked to recent revolutionary history; galleries, folkloric museums, cultural museums, and the larger and more complete Nicaraguan museum of art recently opened in downtown. Or you can just sit at one of the restaurants across from the central park to enjoy the soft breeze while you eat a piece of pizza pr a cold beer. Outside the city, there are two active volcanoes you can climb and do ash boarding in one of them. The Ocean is at just twenty minutes from León city, the beaches are just gorgeous! You can walk along the beach, order fresh fish in one of the restaurants on the coast, or sit on the sand and contemplate the sunset. There are opportunities to surf and navigate in the nature canals in the Juan Venado inland island which is a nature reserve.

Transportation to School: Spanish Abroad Nicaragua Schools offers transportation from the Airport in Managua to León city as an additional cost


1 WeekU$ 180U$ 130U$ 310
2 WeeksU$ 350U$ 260U$ 610
3 WeeksU$ 520U$ 390U$ 910
4 WeeksU$ 690U$ 520U$ 1,210
Extra tutoring,
Extra homestay
U$ 10 per hourU$ 20 per dayDepends
on the choice
  • Homestay includes private room, private bathroom, fan, Wi-Fi,
  • 3 meals per day Monday to Saturday, filtered water.
  • The total cost does not include afternoon excursions.


One person:
Airport-León $90,
Round Trip $160

Two people:
Airport-León $120,
Round Trip $190

Three people:
Airport-León $140,
Round Trip $230

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