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Spanish language schools in Nicaragua

Spanish Abroad Nicaragua (SpanABroad) is an independent Spanish language schools’ network, owned and operated by Nicaraguan professional language teachers. The Coordinator and Administrators have been involved in the Spanish schools industry since the beginning of these educational language programs in Nicaragua in the mid-nineties. This Nicaraguan Spanish schools network offers four different locations to learn and practice the Spanish language. Students can choose either one destination or a combination of sites and the number of weeks they prefer. We strongly recommend at least two weeks multiple sites for a more enriching experience.

SpanABroad has developed an effective immersion program which involves the best Spanish language schools in Nicaragua to offer a great, rich and long-lasting life experience to the students. Students coming through SpanABroad, come to Nicaragua not only to study and learn Spanish but to travel and experience the culture, and to learn about history and nature.

Our great destinations to study Spanish in Nicaragua, are very unique locations which include two colonial cities, a beach town, and a cultural non-tourist city.

Through SpanABroad, the students are given the opportunity to enhance their cultural learning experience by traveling, interacting and doing. Some of the things the students do during the program are boat touring in the biggest Central American lake, walking in the streets of the oldest city of the American continent, cigar-factory tours, and visits to ceramic stores; cultural nights with live traditional music and dances, visits to hammock factories, and active volcanoes; walks along sandy beaches, and enjoyment of fresh seafood, as well as visits to museums; visits to traditional religious towns, open markets and more! Lots to do and see!

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